About Me

It's A Good Life Living For The Lord

For the past 14 years Brenda Denney has traveled with 2nd Generation.  2nd Generation was formed by Brenda Denney, her sister Elaine Robinson and their brother Steve Green. Growing up in a pastor home and a singing family known as the Singing Greens the three siblings have been singing their entire lives.  

2nd Generation traveled in full time ministry since 2005. Traveling across the United States proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through song and testimony. 2nd G had many of their songs hit nation wide charts, as well as performing on such stages as the National Quartet Convention, Silver Dollar City Southern Gospel Picnic, Singing In The Sun, Gatlinburg Gathering, Southern Gospel Worship Gathering, Beacon Park, and many more. Singing on these stages was an amazing experience, but ministering in a church service is where they loved to be. There is nothing more rewarding than to see someone walk the aisle and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  

In December 2018 the trio retired so that Elaine Robinson could work beside her husband as a full time pastors wife. Brenda Denney felt that her ministry was not over and so she is now traveling and ministering as a soloist. She is going to continue being "On Business For The King"!!  

You will love her exciting spirit and she will lead you into the presence of the Lord through song and powerful testimonies. If your church needs to be REVIVED, schedule Brenda. If your church needs JOY, schedule Brenda. If your church needs REVIVAL, schedule Brenda. Or if you just want to hear some good old Southern Gospel Singing, schedule Brenda.  

She is available for regular service, concerts, camp meetings, homecomings, womens conferences, youth conference, speaking to teen girls, and any other event you may be planning.  

As Brenda sings, "Let's All Get Together" and let the Lord have his way!!!